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I’ve officially noticed that fall is in the air this week! I’ve been wearing more sweatshirts on campus and I’ve noticed my studying is quickly ramping up. But most of all, fall is reminding me of some favorite foods I didn’t know I had been missing! The thought of warm soups, my grandma’s apple cranberry Thanksgiving recipe, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes is happening. Not even having to celebrate #NationalPeanutDay this week could bring me down!

Here’s your one stop shop for allergy related news you need to know:

FDA Approves New Peanut Allergy Claims on Labels

A new study recently released results that infants with severe eczema and/or egg allergies should be fed peanut immediately after consultation with a pediatrician. The FDA has approved a label on various food products informing parents of this need to decrease the probability that their child will develop a peanut allergy by age 5. Applause goes to the FDA for this awareness label and preventative action. Follow-up question: What do parents with their own peanut allergies do?

Keychain Warns of Allergens Contained in Food Before You Eat It


Investigators at Harvard Medical School have developed a keychain that will be able to test if an allergen is present in your food at a restaurant. With a swipe on the food, the device collects information on the antibodies within the food in ten minutes. Right now, the device can detect five allergies and they are looking to continue expanding. This could be a potential lifesaver for those with severe food allergies!

Manufacturing Process for Oreos – Peanuts and Treenuts

Rest assured that Oreos are processed on dedicated lines in Nabsico factories, even though the factories may not be peanut/treenut free. The rep from the company mentioned that customers should always check the packaging and contact them with any questions. Until doing more research for this blog, I never realized the grey area in product packaging. While the standards are becoming tighter about packaging requirements and allergy details, it’s always important to stay cautious and read everything!

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