On My Allergy Radar

TGIF! With a busy week behind me and an even crazier week ahead, bring on the weekend! I hope you get to spend your weekend exactly how you like!

Here’s what I’ve seen this week to keep you up to date with allergy news:

Food Allergy Safety Training in Restaurants

Good news for residents of Illinois. Due to the large percentage of food allergy reactions occurring in a food establishment, Illinois has put into effect a new law requiring food establishments to have one manager on site at all times who has undergone accredited food allergy training. The law also requires that all food preparation employees undergo accredited training in basic food safety. I hope this law circulates to Ohio!

Allergen Free Symbol: What It Actually Means


When we look at the symbol above, immediately we associate it to mean that a food item is “nut-free”. However, Birch Benders, a pancake maker, is making us think twice… a concerned customer wrote to the company as to whether the symbol means “peanut-free” or “nut-free” and they responded to say that they cannot guarantee there is no cross contamination with tree nuts in their facility. This is something to be cautious about in the future, especially if you have both peanut and tree nut allergies!

Increases in Fall Allergy Symptoms

While the changing season brings cooler weather, colorful leaves, and football, allergies manage to come along, too. I’ve been feeling a difference in my sinuses this week, so don’t forget to watch for your own symptoms and take the appropriate steps to get you back on your A game! Most food allergy sufferers also suffer from environmental allergies, so talk to your allergist if your symptoms get too unbearable.

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    Love reading the “On My Allergy Radar” segments. Knowledge is power!

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