What Do I Know?

I get it… you’re probably asking yourself a plethora of questions about me. Here’s what you need to know – in NO WAY am I an expert, but I’ve done my research.

From assorted allergy blogs to documentaries and from other allergy sufferers’ stories to my own clinical research participation, I’ve been studying food allergies and coping strategies for many years. I don’t claim to know everything, but I’m here to share some of the things I have learned…both the easy way and the hard way…to help you travel safely with food allergies!

Here are five fast (allergy-related) facts about me:

  1. It was a rice krispie treat with peanut butter inside that led me to finding out about my own food allergies. Side note – who even makes that kind of treat?
  2. I started a nut-free diet in seventh grade and a shellfish-free diet my freshman year of college.
  3. The food item I miss the most since changing my diet habits would be M&M’s. However, I’ve found Hershey-ets to be a great substitute!
  4. For a project during my senior year of high school, I trained students, teachers, and staff on how to correctly administer an EpiPen.
  5. If I’m going to an ice cream shop, you can guarantee I’m getting a pint… it’s typically the only kind I can eat because of its individualized packaging!

Adventure awaits,



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