Now Let’s Start from the Very Beginning…

Hey you! My name is Kendall and I’m the proud owner of this new blog, “A Traveling ‘Nut’Mare.”

2K4A8617Photography by Philip Heidenreich

I know what you are probably thinking… What does she think she’s doing starting a blog?  I might be wondering the exact same thing if it wasn’t for two passions of mine that brought me to this exact moment.

The first – allergy awareness. I have life-threatening allergies to peanuts, tree-nuts, and shellfish. As a multiple food-allergy-sufferer, I understand the pit-in-your-stomach feeling every time you order a meal at a restaurant or go to a friend’s party with all homemade food. I also understand the vital need for allergy allies to be present everywhere… you just never know when a reaction can occur, and the more informed people are, the better.

The second – traveling. I’ve been traveling domestically since I was a child, but started traveling internationally once coming to college. Let me tell you, the travel bug is the real deal.

I know, I know. Allergies and traveling couldn’t be more polar opposites. I bet you’ve read articles, talked to professionals, or had internal struggles about minimizing travel if you suffer with food allergies. It’s the safe bet, right?   

When everyone else is telling you “no” to traveling, I’m here to tell you “yes.” Yes, yes, YES! Traveling with allergies is possible and it all has to do with planning and preparation. Follow along my blog journey as I provide you with tips and tricks I’ve found to be helpful as I prepare for my next trip abroad – Australia!

Adventure awaits,


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